We are a total fitness facility designed to push you further with your fitness goals. Our coaching staff is fully trained and qualified to get you ready to conquer your next race. We have two Spartan SGX Certified coaches who have spent time to break down obstacles to fully understand the best techniques that should be used. We also have a NASM Strength Coach with 10+ years of experience ready to optimize your fitness level. We are here to help you achieve your future goals! 

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1021 E Herndon Ave.
Fresno, Ca 93720


5am – 8pm Mon-Fri
6am – 6pm Sat-Sun



  • Z-Wall

  • 4 1/2ft. Wall

  • Multi Rig

  • Monkey Bars

  •  8 ft. Wall

  • Herculean Hoist

  • Tire Flip

  • Olympus 

  • Spear Throw

  • 16ft. Rope Climb