Each class is designed to get you Spartan Fit and obstacle ready. All classes are first-come, first-served, so please show up 10-15 minutes early. All classes are included with membership and drop-ins are always welcome. 


Full Body Strength


5:30am & 7pm


5:30am & 6pm

This class is designed to get you in shape with a full body blast workout mixed with strength and cardio. Each workout is designed to strengthen the muscles required to conquer any obstacle! 


Obstacle Training


5:30 am & 7pm

Each week we break down one obstacle and go over the basic techniques, and help find the best one that works for you. We take you through the steps of each obstacle as well as do a workout specifically designed for that obstacle. 

Heavy Ass Carry (H.A.C.)

5:30am & 7pm

Wednesday's workout is designed to get you ready for any heavy carry that might occur in the race like, the bucket brigade, sandbag carry, or log carry. 

Functional Fitness 

5:30 am & 7pm

Thursday class is designed to build the foundation that helps our bodies move more efficiently. The goal of this class is to reduce our risk of injury. While building a stronger core and better stabilizer muscles. 


Strength and Obstacle training Workout


Saturday's are designed to Blend obstacle training with strength training. we spend half the class pushing you with a full body workout. Then the last half we let you run through the obstacles. 




Running/Trail Running

Sundays - Trail running with Debbie Torosian

7am meet at Boxcar Hill in Woodward Park look on Facebook fro weekly updates and meet ups!